Aloft Aerial Photography / Hunter H. Harris | Singles On Sailboats Goose Cruise Daisy Ring 2012
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These are images of the sailing group "Singles On Sailboats" 2012 Goose Cruise Daisy Ring. I discovered the group one early October morning on the Corsica River when I was out flying my 1940 J-3 Cub. I was returning from an early morning video capturing flight of the Chester River, heading back to Easton when I stumbled upon them.
SOS On the Wye RiverSunflower Raft on the Wye River From AboveSailboats in a Sunflower Raft on the Miles RiverSunflower Raft Formed on the Wye RiverWye River Sunflower RaftClose Up of Sunflower Raft on the Wye RiverSunflower Raft on the Wye River

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