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Welcome to Aloft Aerial Photography!
We invite you to explore the many 'Groups' which contain a variety 'Galleries'.
Each Gallery contains images or videos about a different geographical area or adventure.
Some Galleries have images that are for sale and can be ordered easily from that Gallery. There are also Galleries where images can only be ordered directly from Aloft by contacting Hunter by phone: 410-770-5253 or by email:
All images are available for sale, as a quality print or as a digital file licenced for your use.
Aerial Video is also available as licensed footage to meet your needs.
If you can't find exactly what you are looking for then please contact Aloft to see if we might have it already or maybe we'll need to fly.
The Aloft website www.flyaloft has a nifty 'site locator' to help you show us what you are looking for.


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